5 years SCOOP: Others about us

brigitte15671-200x300Brigitte Alfter, Journalismfund.eu

A never ending story

Critical voices are a necessity and a gift to any society. Like cleaning, repairing and building keeps a house in good shape, critical in-depth investigative journalism and constructive thought keep a society in good shape. I’m happy to know that Scoop Macedonia attempt exactly that and year after year struggles to provide necessary journalism.


anne haubek

Anne Haubek, Danish Radio

Development of critical and impartial journalism

Scoop Macedonia has established itself as a very significant player in the media landscape in Macedonia, making it possible for journalists to do independent, investigative stories. Scoop Macedonia supports the development of critical and impartial journalism which is fundamentally important in a modern democracy. By perseverance, idealism and by insisting the Scoop team has managed to not only keep the boat floating but has also been able to set more boats to sea during these five years. You deserve congratulations for your excellent achievement and I wish you the best of luck in your continuous fight for the Crown Juvel in our line of work: Investigative journalism.


Henrik Kaufholz.

Henrik Kaufholz, Danish SCOOP Coordinator

Thanks for fighting on

Scoop Macedonia has now organized and supported investigative reporting for five years. This is in itself a good reason for celebrating. But add to this that Scoop Macedonia has done this in a political environment where a free press is unwanted and where the government has been able to squeeze independent media. So Scoop Macedonia is even more necessary now than five years ago and hopefully you will fight on.

The reporting done by colleagues from Scoop Macedonia deserves respect and support from the international media community. Congratulations and best wishes for the future! For ‘The Scoop Family’!


John HollandJohn Holland, US journalist and editor

I’m proud of all of the work you’ve done.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with the staff of SCOOP, and also to see all their hard work in making the center a success. For years Zaklina, Xhelal and Aleksandar operated with no money and little support. What they did have is a great love and passion for journalism, and for its role in making Macedonia stronger.

And people noticed. Their stories led to important changes, and also helped inspire and encourage a new group of reporters who contributed ideas and stories. The success of SCOOP is a tribute to all of their efforts, and is also a sign of more good things to come.

It’s also important to remember that the role of independent media is more important than ever, especially as governments take steps to curb a free press. SCOOP Macedonia is proof that you don’t need a large sponsor to do important journalism, you just need courage and dedication.