How much MP’s do weigh?

Their philosophy of social justice and anti-establishment brought them two MPs in the last elections.

This is Levica (the Left). Its leader, Dimitiar Apasiev, entered the political scene with his harsh criticism and demonization of other politicians, whom he said became capitalists overnight.

However, he does not reveal what he owns before entering the parliament corridors. His response to our request to disclose his property to the public was short:

Well, wait for the asset declaration”.

Borislav Krmov, the second MP from this party, gave us an identical answer and replied that in this period they did not give statements and that in any case we would see it in the asset declaration.

Are the doors of the Assembly the shortest way to get rich? The SCOOP investigation found data that MPs who completed their term in 2020 reported assets worth 32.6 million Euros.