• MP Pancho Minov on his current property worth 45,198 Euros has added “unspecified property” worth 23,600 Euros.
  • Surija Rashidi has complemented his current property list worth 21,984 Euros with five new lands worth 159,614 Euros.
  • Xhevat Ademi has reported his children’s property, that is, they are declared as “Co-owner of TD IC New Drive LLC”.

Authors: Bjanka Stankovikj and Angela Rajchevska

Within a period of three months MPs Surija Rashidi and Panco Minov have become heavier for 173 thousand Euros, while Ljuben Arnaudov and Sasho Vasilevski lighter for 217 thousand Euros, according to the latest data that officials have submitted to the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC). According to the SCOOP analysis within the PEP project, five MPs have new vehicles, and four of their old cars have been replaced with new ones. There are also new loans, credits and salaries in the property lists.

MP Panco Minov has added 45.198 Euros to his previously-owned property, adding 23.600 Euros “unspecified property” owned by his wife and located in Kavadarci. Surija Rashidi has complemented the current assets list in the amount of 21,984 Euros with five new lands worth 159,614 Euros, thus increasing the value of his property list by seven times. The location of the five lands he has inherited with his wife is not specified. He has declared: a meadow, a vineyard, a forest and a field. Xhevat Ademi has declared his children’s property, that is, they are declared as “Co-owner of TD IC New Drive LLC”, which is acquired in another way, and is estimated at 5,016 Euros, thus increasing the value of his property to 214 thousand Euros.

MPs have also removed part of their property they had initially declared. Sasho Vasilevski with a property worth 2 million Euros has removed the house of 74m2 in Ohrid which is estimated at 7 thousand Euros and originates from 1930. Ljuben Arnaudov has removed his agricultural land in Struga worth 210,731 Euros, reducing his property to 800,000 Euros.


In addition to real estate, it is noted that MPs have bought new cars, and some of them have replaced the old ones with new ones.

MP Ilija Nikolovski has bought a new 10,000 Euros Toyota Yaris, while Slavica Shumanska

Miteva Seat Leon worth about 5 thousand Euros.

The remaining MPs have supplemented their spouses’ cars on their property lists. Lidija Tasevska‘s husband with Renault Megan worth 8,000 Euros, Nikola Micevski‘s wife with Mitsubishi Colt 900 Euros, and the wife of MP Goran Manojlovski with Kia Picanto worth 1,600 Euros.


Some of the MPs have removed their old cars and replaced them with new ones. So, MP Aleksandar Kiracovski has replaced his Skoda Octavia with Volkswagen Golf 7 worth 9,800 Euros. Dragan Danev has replaced his Rover 25 of 2 thousand Euros with Opel Astra in his wife’s name, worth 6 thousand Euros. Nikola Poposki together with his wife has replaced the car Audi A3 2007 with BMW X1 worth 40 thousand Euros. Trajcho Dimkov has replaced his Chevrolet Aveo with a Passat worth 2,000 Euros.

Sasho Vasilevski has removed one of his Mercedes-Benz 2003/2013 worth 13,000 Euros from the property list, and MP Xhevat Ademi has removed his Volkswagen Golf 7 2013/2016.


Goran Manojlovski has declared his credit card with 5,430 Euros. Meanwhile, MP Slavica Shumanska Miteva has declared her husband’s property. He gets a monthly salary whose value is not stated in Shumanska’s property list, and also has shares from 2018, for which she has not provided information on how they were acquired or where they relate. Shumanska Miteva has a credit card without a specified amount, and in 2018 she also raised a loan for which the value is not stated, and it should be paid by 2026. This year, MP Liljana Kuzmanovska raised a loan. The loan is in the amount of 7.154 Euros and Kuzmanovska is to return it in the next 95 months.

MP Antonio Miloshovski has added the monthly allowance for third child in the amount of 8,500 denars, that is 138 Euros. Zoran Ilioski has declared that with his wife they receive a monthly rent of 200 Euros. A loan from 2012 from 6,016 was reduced to 2,764 Euros, while the other loan of 400,000 denars from 2017 was removed from the property list.