author: Goran Lefkov


Inspired by this case, the journalistic team of SCOOP began to investigate the use, that is misuse of official vehicles. SCOOP sent a request under free access to public information to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. SCOOP editorial staff received a reply containing the report on executive extraordinary inventory of the fleet in September 2016. It said that during the extraordinary inventory of the fleet the internal commission registered only ten official vehicles in the parking lot of the ministry. As stated in the report, most vehicles were not in the circle of the ministry to be able to make a full inspection. With the census made on 12 September last year, the commission concluded that 27 vehicles owned by this government department were missing from the parking lot of the ministry.
The Commission further concluded that civil servants in the ministry were personally responsible for 3 vehicles, but the Commission failed to specify their locations. Also, the Commission has not even looked for seven cars in general as it found that for them there were decisions that they were given for use to other public institutions. Among them was the Jeep brand “Tuareg” with Skopje license plates which, as stated in the statement of the Ministry of Interior, the night between 28 and 29 October 2016 caused two traffic accidents.

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(The story has been supported by the National Endowment for democracy project “Raising Awareness About Corruption through Investigative Reporting”)