SCOOP on the Croatian National Television

Most striking news on most of the television stations in the region yesterday was the tragedy with the death of 14 migrants in Veles. And not just because of those killed by the train Thessaloniki – Belgrade, but also because this problem affects almost all countries in the region as well as the EU. Migrants from the Middle East and Africa have already set alarm bells in several EU countries especially Germany.


In the feature in the News at 7:30 pm on the first program of the Croatian television one of the directors of the Center for Investigative Journalism SCOOP Macedonia, Aleksandar Bozhinovski gave his brief analysis. Talking about the tragedy he explained that the smuggling routes used by migrants are the same ones used to smuggle drugs and weapons, and that is about the same criminals. Migrants pay several thousand Euros to be taken to a promised country in the EU.


The feature on HTV is at the very beginning of the video after the general introduction, from 0:49 to 6:53