Zaev himself is a bomb

Slowly but surely a critical mass is being created for radical changes. The government is barely standing on its last legs. And the institutions will soon have to feel different setting. They will more resist yesterday’s inviolable patrons. Even within the ruling party situation is chaotic. There is no one who would like to appear in front of the cameras. False hope still inspires journalists of Goebbelsian media who have already planned the escape. Now it is more certain that Zaev will not even get to the sixth bomb due to the government’s white flag. Transitional government (technocratic or expert) will be imposed as an imperative.

This is how all dictatorial regimes end which govern with lies, manipulations and Satanism. But eventually Satanism always ends up in Satan and the devil. Regularly, false patriotism and nationalism end in their owners in the form of black magic. It comes to a critical point when there is no longer salvation. Gap in life because of the empty rule of empty souls with empty morality – is back with full devastating force that destroys everything. Bidding, splendid villas, large haciendas and black accounts get a mouth. They start to talk about their bosses and their works.

Even last year, US Secretary Kerry at the security conference in Munich said the Western Balkan country had government in close alliance with organized crime and nationalism, a major source of internal and regional explosion. Later Jonathan Moore, Director of the Office of South Central European Affairs at the U.S. Department of State noted that Macedonia used all possible state resources against the opposition and that situation was no longer sustainable. It should be said that for the last three years, at many important world gatherings dedicated to safety, Macedonia has been explicitly mentioned as a critical area. It has been mentioned as an example how not to govern. Such coordinated qualifications can in no logic be random. And now suddenly there is a strong anti-criminal storm blowing and it is more certain that the storm “Macedonia 2015” will blow away the mega-laundry “Skopje 2014”.

When various media charlatans or goatherds will soon be away from the screens, the echo of the bombs will be heard across the country with all their might. Then we will find out everything. People will be amazed when they see that their money has ended in Belize! That their sweat has been converted into plaster and concrete! That many journalists have turned into prostitutes, many media into public houses. People will be amazed when they realize that the “patriotic” government has been nothing but a hellish machine for making the people obey, for looting and trampling them!

There is a worrying fact to all this. How is it possible that some analysts close to the former leadership of SDSM to come out publicly to attack the new leadership for lack of capacity!? Who orders such stories!? How confident are they about the “weak capacity” of the opposition top when everyone knows that such a capacity has made the most successful municipality in the country. Is there no respect for what is made with a great risk?! That it is above any capacity!? The logic, if not for me – everything to go to hell, it has nothing to do with God. Such logic is not far from the logic of those that with their rule have led the country to total chaos, where only criminal mafia successfully functions! Now we see that we had a lot of people but we had no man. That we had a lot of politicians but no leader.

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