A year after SCOOP’s warning: the government will be saving the UEFA Super Cup

Last night the Government of the Republic of Macedonia announced that there were serious failures in the realization of the undertaken obligations to host the UEFA Super Cup at the Arena “Filip II” so the organization of the big event in Skopje has been questioned. 
It results from the letter that UEFA delivered to the Football Federation of Macedonia. In fact, this is UEFA’s new letter. The first one was delivered more than a year ago and SCOOP reported it in the documentary film “Corruption in the Macedonian football”, published on July 29 last year. 
Yesterday the government announced: 

“At today’s Government session some serious failures were noted regarding the joint stock company for managing housing and business premises and the previous Government in the implementation of the undertaken obligations to host the UEFA Super Cup 2017 at the Arena Filip II, given that the stadium is not in compliance with the required standards of UEFA. The General Secretariat of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia is obliged within three days, in cooperation with the other competent ministries, to take all necessary measures and find a way to host the UEFA Super Cup, for which, as announced, UEFA will come to Skopje on July 21 to check the conditions for the match Manchester United vs. Real Madrid”- reads the announcement of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. 
According to SDK, FFM received a letter from UEFA with a number of objections and a request everything to be ready by 21 July when their next control comes: The stadium’s air conditioners are not connected to the UPS system, communication between the staff at the stadium and the supplier of electricity is not clear, there is no electricity installed in the TV section, no ventilation in the press room installed, no 50 TVs of 50 inches in different parts of the stadium installed, part of the WiFi equipment not installed, no design provided on the internet network, no concrete substrate for the TV productions’ trucks, no water supply and drainage at the site provided for TV productions, water leakages in the media section have not been corrected, photographers’ work area not completed, no TVs in the media section, no functional toilets in the section for youth categories, broken/damaged chairs in the tickets section not replaced, in no place the stadium should look like a construction site, no cosmetic improvements have been made (painting) and cleaning the inside of the stadium and there is still a lot of work in that area, as well as for the outer part of the stadium, no shared complete and detailed plan for evacuation of the stadium, no clearly defined operational plan for the stadium staff.