Electoral battle in Constituency 6: What property do Ahmeti, Sela, Kasami and Stojanovska own?

Authors: Angela Rajchevska and Bjanka Stankovikj

A constituency that covers the municipalities of northwest Macedonia as number six, and in this early election it will be led by the DUI and the Alliance for Albanians leaders, Ali Ahmeti and Ziadin Sela.

Constituency 6 covers the territory of 11 municipalities: Tetovo, Gostivar, Tearce, Brvenica, Bogovinje, Vrapchishte, Zhelino, Jegunovce and Kichevo (part).

Ahmeti has declared property worth 134, and Sela – 192 thousand Euros

DUI party leader Ali Ahmeti will run in the sixth constituency.

While he was an MP, Ahmeti declared an agricultural land worth 30,000 US dollars to the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, as well as a house in Kichevo worth 100,000 US dollars and a transaction account of 12,333 Euros. His wife owns a 7,000-Euro Volkswagen Polo. The value of Ali Ahmeti’s declared property is 134,076 Euros, which, according to the SCPC, has not changed to date.

From the Coalition Alliance for Albanians and Alternative, AZA leader Ziadin Sela will be a list holder. In the 2013 local elections, Sela won the mayoral post in the city of Struga. In the 2016 parliamentary elections, the coalition led by him, the Alliance for Albanians, participated in the elections in which Sela was elected a member of the Macedonian Parliament.

MP Ziadin Sela has declared property worth 192,367 Euros to the SCPC. The entire property list is in his possession and it consists of: a land and a house in the village of Livada in Struga worth 112,835 Euros. He also has a forest in Struga worth 59,805 Euros. Sela owns a Jaguar S-Type 2 7D worth 59,805 Euros. He has a transaction account of 53 euros and a loan of 9,919 Euros. According to the SCPC, the value of Ziadin Sela’s declared property has not changed to date.

Kasami and Nikolovska – holders of the SDSM list

Bilal Kasami from Tetovo is a Macedonian politician and president of the Besa Movement party. In the period 2004-2006 he was Secretary of State in the Ministry of Economy as a member of DUI. Kasami left DUI in 2008 and joined New Democracy, which fell apart in 2011 after the failure of the same year’s parliamentary elections. At the same time he was a professor at the International Balkan University (2009–2011), and returned to politics in 2014 with the founding of the Besa party.

Kasami’s property list is not available on the website of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption.

His companion, Fanica Nikolovska, director of the State Administrative Inspectorate, also from Tetovo, began building her professional career as an official in the General Secretariat of the Government from 2006 to 2011. Until 2012 she worked in the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, and until the moment of being appointed a director she worked in the State Administrative Inspectorate.

Nikoloska currently owns property worth 290,000 Euros. In the property list declared to the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption she owns only precious metals worth about 2,400 Euros. The rest of the property is owned by the parents, spouse and children. They have a few agricultural lands in Vrapchishte, an apartment in Skopje, two Opel Astra motor vehicles and a few foreign currency savings books, as well as a loan.

Stojanovska with property worth 14 thousand Euros and a private practice

Dafina Stojanoska has been a Member of the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia since 2014. In 2015, she was elected a member of the EC of VMRO-DPMNE, a position she held until 2017, and was re-elected as a member of the EC in 2018.

The value of her declared property in the SCPC is 50,119 Euros. She owns an apartment in Gostivar worth 34,715 Euros, a Renault Clio worth 13,886 Euros. Her children have two denar savings books, 758 Euros each. Stojanoska also owns shares.

According to the SCOOP investigative story MPs-Businessmen have not declared their companies to SCPC, MP Dafina Stojanoska is registered in the Central Registry of the Republic of North Macedonia as a founder and owner of the Private Health Institution-General Dentistry Office – HIPOKRAT Gostivar.