Shekjerinska, Xhaferi, Durlovski and Rashidi: who is richer?

Authors: Angela Rajchevska and Bjanka Stankovikj

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Radmila Shekjerinska, is leading the fifth constituency, together with the current MP, Jovan Mitreski. A holder of the VMRO-DPMNE list is the opera singer Igor Durlovski, DUI will be in Constituency 5 led by the speaker Talat Xhaferi and the coalition AA-Alternative with Surija Rashidi.

All with rich political and institutional careers and fairly long property lists.

Constituency 5 is one of the six constituencies in Macedonia. This constituency includes municipalities from southwest Macedonia, a total of 14, including: Bitola (great part), Ohrid, Struga, Kichevo (part), Resen, Demir Hisar, Krushevo, Dolneni, Vevchani, Plasnica, Debar, Mavrovo and Rostusha, Debarca, Krivogashtani (part) and Centar Zhupa.

Shekjerinska with property worth 330 thousand Euros, twice more than Mitreski

Radmila Sekerinska became a Minister of Defense in 2017. Previously, she was Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration from 2002-2006, and from 2006 to 2008 she was President of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia.

When she took over as defense minister, she declared property worth 330,957 Euros. The cabinet of Radmila Shekjerinska, in a statement for SCOOP then confirmed the Minister’s property, with the exception of the data on the pledge for consumer credit in the amount of 6,907.00 Euros.

In June 2019, a change in Shekjerinska’s property was noticed. To her property list she added a 15,000-euro BRBCAN AM Outlander MAX XT-P1000 T 3 B ABS motor vehicle owned by her husband. She also took out a loan in the amount of 25 thousand Euros, with repayment period 2024.

“It is a new motor vehicle, duly declared as a newly acquired property of a spouse, in the amount of 927,000 denars, for the payment of which, as stated in the SCPC form for reporting changes in property status, a consumer loan has been obtained to be repaid until 2024”, the cabinet of Minister Shekjerinska then replied.

In the investigative story The six richest ministers weigh 35 million Euros, SCOOP reported that Radmila Shekjerinska was the only one of the current ministers who did not have a car.

The current property status of the Deputy Prime Minister is not available on the website of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC), and we have not received an explanation regarding it.

Jovan Mitreski is the current Member of Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. With this function, in the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption Mitreski has declared property worth about 150 thousand Euros. His property then, and even today, as no changes have been made, consists of shares worth 5,174 Euros and a loan of 6,829 Euros. His wife has a loan of 9,756 Euros and a denar deposit of 6,829 Euros. She also owns two cars Lada Niva worth 1,951 Euros and a Ford Mondeo worth 2,927 Euros. Mitreski’s parents own property in Struga: a vineyard worth 16,260 Euros, a house worth 73,171 Euros, a holiday house worth 9,756 Euros, a land of 8,455 Euros and a building plot of 8,130 Euros.

In the SCOOP investigation MPs-businessmen have not declared their companies to SCPC, MP Mitreski, according to the data from the Central Register of Macedonia to which SCOOP came, is stated as an owner of Ana Consulting, a company that he has not listed in his property list.

Durlovski “weighs” 270 thousand Euros

Igor Durlovski is a Macedonian opera singer. He was one of the leaders of the protests organized by “For a Shared Macedonia”, which culminated in the violent intrusion in the Parliament on April 27, 2017, for which he was placed under house arrest.

Durlovski was a professor at the Faculty of Music Arts and director of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet. Shortly after the events of Bloody Thursday, he stated that he was withdrawing from the organization “For a Shared Macedonia”, and then he withdrew from all his functions in the country.

On the website of the SCPC, there is still the property list of Igor Durlovski as director of the MOB which amounts to 270 thousand Euros and consists of a house and land in Skopje and motor vehicles KIA Sportage and Chrysler Grand Voyager, all in his possession.

Xhaferi has declared property worth 266 thousand Euros, Rashidi has increased his property

Talat Xhaferi is a politician, former Minister of Defense and current Speaker of the Macedonian Parliament. In the upcoming elections, he will be the leader of Constituency 5.

Xhaferi’s current property, declared to the SCPC, is 266,000 Euros and consists of a house in Forino, an apartment in Skopje, four motor vehicles, including a BMW, Volkswagen Beetle as his children’s and two Audi A4s listed as personal property. In addition, the property list includes a salary as his spouse’s, as well as two loans. Regarding his previous property as an MP, about which SCOOP had previously written, the only difference is in the added BMW as his children’s.

In the SCOOP investigative story Nepotism: Authorities change, “relatives” remain, it was revealed that state-owned ESM and MEPSO have erupted as companies employing close relatives of ruling party officials. Specifically, the State Power Plants of North Macedonia has employed several relatives of famous names, including the daughter of the Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi.

Incumbent MP Surija Rashidi will be the holder of Constituency 5 in the upcoming elections as a representative of the Alliance for Albanians and Alternative Coalition.

MP Surija Rashidi has declared two motor vehicles. One in his possession, an Audi A4 worth 13,984 Euros and one owned by his wife, Seat Cordoba, worth 8,000 Euros. The value of the Surija Rashidis’s declared property initially amounted to 21,984 Euros. With the change of the property in which a land, a meadow, two vineyards, a forest and a plot worth 109,628 Euros were added, his property amounts to 131 thousand Euros.