• MP Meri Lazarova with double increased property, Sashko Atanasov with a new truck, Zaklina Peshevska with a new car
  • Daniela Rangelova with a new debt of 228 Euros per month, Mila Carovska with two new agricultural lands, and Emil Dimitriev with a new apartment
  • Asaf Ademi with a share of 2,250 Euros and a denar deposit in the amount of 4,552 Euros, while Muhamed Zekiri with no updates


Authors: Angela Rajchevska and Bjanka Stankovikj


Minister of Culture of the political party BESA, Asaf Ademi did not report anything in his name last year. He submitted a property list to the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) where the entire reported property was his family’s. However, in the new year in the Ademi’s property there are his wife’s shares in the amount of 2,250 Euros, personal property and a denar deposit in the amount of 4,552 Euros. If the previous estimated value of Ademi’s property amounted to 528 thousand Euros, now it is 535 thousand Euros. For about six months as Ademi has managed to make about 7 thousand Euros.




Apart from Ademi, the SCOOP survey within the PEP project showed that, since the initial reporting of assets until the beginning of this year, there has been a change in the assets status of 8 other officials: Meri Lazarova, Sashko Atanasov, Zaklina Peshevska, Daniela Rangelova, Mila Carovska, Emil Dimitriev and Muhamed Zeqiri.


At the beginning of this year the vehicle BMW 730 D 2010/2017 was removed from the property declaration of the MP and vice-president of SDSM, Muhamed Zeqiri. In a statement for SCOOP he confirmed that it had been his property, adding that the correction occurred after the writings within this project.


“Yes, this is my asset, with the remark that at the time of the latest update I now see, thanks to you, that the SCPC added the BMW 730 2010. But it did not remove the two cars – BMW X5 2009 and BMW 730 from 2004, which I sold at that time. There are changes from this month and in the legally stipulated deadline I will inform the SCPC that this week I also sold the BMW 730 from 2010. I cannot assess the value of the house and therefore it is not written. That part of the house is my father’s legacy and I own one-ninth of it”, says MP Zeqiri.


MP Meri Lazarova entered the new year with a double increased property. Namely, on the previously reported property worth 19,187 Euros, she added a car Toyota Yaris worth 10,071 Euros and a loan of 6,991 Euros. As a result, the value of the property after the changes has increased almost double, now it is 36,249 Euros. Her monthly salary, according to the project PEP is about 64 thousand denars.


Sasko Atanasov with a new truck Mercedes-Benz Atego worth 9.750 Euros, with the value of the changed property amounting to 161.273 Euros. MP Zaklina Peshevska entered the new year with a new car Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCI worth 3,866 Euros, a loan of 7,316 Euros and transferred funds from a relative from abroad in the amount of 19,996 Euros. Thus the previous property of 18,763 Euros increases to 49,941 Euros. Her party colleague Daniela Rangelova adds a debt of 228 Euros a month to the property worth 15.425 Euros.


The initial property that Minister Mila Carovska brought to the public amounted to 212,984 Euros. In a statement to SCOOP Mila Carovska’s office stated that there was a change in the state of property declared in the SCPC. “There has been acquisition of building land in Kocani. It is about two plots of building land. One of the plots with an area of 894 square meters is the minister’s, while the other with an area of 1,099 square meters is her brother’s”. 

Both agricultural lands, one of which belonging to her, and the other to her brother, are worth 2,300 Euros, thus the value of the property of 212,984 Euros is changed to 215,284 Euros.


From the initial property list of the former deputy prime minister and current MP Emil Dimitriev the pre-contract for the sale of an apartment in Kisela Voda worth 123,097 Euros has been removed together with the annex Contract No. 01 to the basic pre-contract worth 7,528 Euros, and an apartment with a garage and auxiliary premises was added worth 130,625 Euros. The previous property list had 7 savings accounts worth 68,421 Euros, now there are two in the amount of 14,198 Euros. The value of the former property of Emil Dimitriev amounted to 383,501 Euros, with the changes it amounts to 329,278 Euros.




Five days before the start of the new 2019, on the proposal of the Government, the Parliament appointed two new ministers without portfolio, Muzafer Bajram and Elvin Hasan. They took office after the dismissal of Aksel Ahmedovski and Adnan Kahil.


Тhirty-six year old Muzafer Bajram is the new minister without portfolio in charge of implementation of the Strategy for improving the situation of Roma in the Republic of Macedonia. He comes from the Party for the Full Emancipation of the Roma, where he has been a member since he was 18. In 2016 he was elected vice president of the party. In the post of minister without portfolio he comes with a property worth 265,411 Euros. In his property list four vehicles, a house and an apartment in Skopje are registered.


Elvin Hasan is Minister without portfolio in charge of foreign investments coming from the post of Deputy Director of the State Examination Center. The value of Hasan’s property amounts to 153,400 Euros. There are 21 items in his property list, including two houses with yard, two motor vehicles, two deposits, one credit and two denar payment cards, a loan, one construction and seven agricultural lands, as well as one unspecified property.

Rubin Zemon is MP of POEN (Party for Social and Economic Progress) that comes to replace Tomislav Tuntev. He is a PhD in Ethnology at Ethnographic Institute with a museum at BAS, Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria. His property status has not yet been updated on the website of the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption.