SCOOP’s new series – UPCLOSE: The price of pollution

Center for investigative journalism SCOOP Macedonia continues with UPCLOSE, a series of short documentary films which last year started big buzz in Macedonian public, especially the very first one, on student standard’s topic.  This time UPCLOSE is focused on the biggest polluters in Macedonia. This will be also a series of short documentaries with exceptional quality. Despite journalistic investigation, viewers will enjoy great visualization and special effects. Watch us soon!

SCOOP – Macedonia, winner of the second prize for the story “Macedonian students with the worst standards in the Balkans”

Center for Investigative Journalism SCOOP Macedonia journalist – Angela Rajchevska won the second prize “Jan Briza” at this year’s international festival of short radio and television articles and printed, that is online research stories titled “On the Record”, which took place from 26 to 28 May 2016 in Novi Sad. Rajchevska was awarded in the category of printed, that is, online research articles for the story “Macedonian students with the worst standards in the Balkans”. Apart from Rajchevska, co-authors of the story are SCOOP – Macedonia journalists Goran Lefkov and Dana Lambevska.

Macedonia most expensive in Europe for obtaining documents

Macedonia is first according to the cost of obtaining data base of all companies in the country. This is shown by the two-year research “It’s none of your business” of the NGO “Access Info Europe”, the recently released Organized Crime and Corruption Project where the NGO Centre for Investigative Journalism SCOOP-Macedonia participated. Of the 32 countries in Europe, in most countries (24), one must pay to get the data base of the entire registry of companies. The cost for the entire register of companies ranges from 75,000 Euros in the Netherlands, 286,000 Euros in Estonia up to 380,355 Euros in Macedonia, where according to the research, the costs are highest. Free data base for all companies can be downloaded from the Danish registry, but it is necessary to have Danish identity documents, that is the data base is not...

5 years SCOOP: Others about us

Brigitte Alfter, A never ending story Critical voices are a necessity and a gift to any society. Like cleaning, repairing and building keeps a house in good shape, critical in-depth investigative journalism and constructive thought keep a society in good shape. I’m happy to know that Scoop Macedonia attempt exactly that and year after year struggles to provide necessary journalism.   Anne Haubek, Danish Radio Development of critical and impartial journalism Scoop Macedonia has established itself as a very significant player in the media landscape in Macedonia, making it possible for journalists to do independent, investigative stories. Scoop Macedonia supports the development of critical and impartial journalism which is fundamentally important in a modern democracy. By perseverance, idealism and by insisting the Scoop team has managed to not only keep the boat floating but has also been able to set more boats to sea...

SCOOP wins third prize “Nikola Mladenov” for investigative journalism

The team of investigative journalists of BIRN Macedonia won the first prize in the annual competition of MIM for journalism award “Nikola Mladenov” for best investigative story. The winning story on “Skopje 2014 under scrutiny” was awarded for the series of articles and interactive on-line database that disclose public spending for the controversial project “Skopje 2014”. Journalist Biljana Nikolovska won the second prize for the documentary “When the health system kills a child”, aired by TV Telma, which is a film version of the series of TV stories about the case of little Tamara Dimovska, the girl with scoliosis who died waiting for institutions to approve treatment abroad. The third prize was shared by journalist Xhelal Neziri from SCOOP Macedonia for the story “In the toxic kingdom of Jugohrom” and journalists Goran Rizaov, Saska Cvetkovska and Borjan Jovanovski for...

Azerbaijan Jails Top Investigative Journalist

Investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova, who has written numerous hard-hitting stories on corruption in Azerbaijan, was sentenced Tuesday to seven and a half years in prison by the Azerbaijani authorities. The popular reporter, who worked for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and was a senior investigator for OCCRP, was convicted on charges of embezzlement, running an illegal business, tax evasion and abuse of power. Ismayilova insists she is being imprisoned for her investigative work and that the charges lodged against her are fabricated, an assessment backed by civil society groups and media freedom organizations. Her journalism for OCCRP, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and other press organs included major exposes of graft and improper business links of those in the close circle of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, including his family members. “This case was a travesty. It has more in common with...